2 Axis Digital Readout Systems

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Product Description

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer, Trader, Exporter of Digital Readout Systems. This product is also known as Digital Readout, Digital Readout Scales, Digital Readout Systems DRO GCS 900 2D Digital Readouts. Our setup is situated in Hiraben Complex, Ground Flor, Room No 4, Nippani-Chikkodi Road, Nippani – 591237 (KA), India.

New 2 axis available GCS 900 2D Series Digital Readouts can meet the application in all machine tools with maximum performance and it include features that are essential for incising productivity. With high- capacity memory it is possible to save 1000 pcs program and for the lathes 1000 pcs tool memory. 5 different languages choice ix existed as Turkish, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese connection opportunity by contact probe is also available. with 8+1 digit display and slandered resolution values with user designated resolution, ADR 10 is designed for your all requires.

Technical Specifications

ADR -10 GCS 900 2D (shraddha)
Axis Number 2 2,3
Display 8 Digit + 1 Sing 7 Digit + 1 Sing
Display Resolution 1,5,10 micron 1,5,10 micron
Or the user can designate as requested Or the user can designate as requested
Input Signal Available Push Pull or TIL Available Push Pull or TIL
Weight 2,7 Kg 1.5 Kg
Power Supply Voltage 85 – 265 V AC 50/60 Hz. 85 – 265 V AC 50/60 Hz.
Operation Temperature -10~45°C -10~45°C
Storage Temperature %20-%85 %20-%85
Relative Huudity %20-%85 %20-%85
Dimensions ( X x W x T) 202 mm x 320 mm x 84 mm 202 mm x 320 mm x 84 mm
Housing Aluminium Injection Housing Plastic Injection Housing
Measuring Limits -99999,999 mm ~ 99999,999 mm -9999,999 mm ~ 9999,999 mm

Digital Readout System Is Specially Used For Such Machines Like

  • Milling Machine
  • Lathe Machine
  • Grinding Machine
  • HBM Machine
  • EDM Machine
  • Optical Profile Projector Machin
  • VTL
  • M1 TR
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