Linear Magnetic scale & Sensors

Product Description

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer, Trader, Exporter of Linear Magnetic Scales. This product is also known as Magnetic Linear Scale, Magnetic Tapes With Sensor, Open Type Magnetic Scales, Closed Type Magnetic Scales. Our setup is situated in Hiraben Complex, Ground Flor, Room No 4, Nippani-Chikkodi Road, Nippani – 591237 (KA), India.

Magnetic tape is supplied with non-magnetic stainless steel cover for physical protection. for its fixing an adhesive tape is pre- mounted. Magnetic tape is composed by three layers a flexible magnetic tape made of a Plastic Material, upside cover stripe. In the profile systems, magnetic tape integrated in the Profiles. PS1 systems month important specially of the system is easy assembly. “slim” Profile is highly rugged, flexible plastic magnetic tape can be applied a machine tool easily. It can be used for all reader sensors.

Technical Specifications

Resolution Types 5 IJm, 101Jm, 251Jm and 62 ,5IJm, or on request
Output Circuit Push-pull or TLL Rs 422 Line Driver
Output Signals A, IA, B, IB, Z IZ
Input Current Max. 40 mA per channel
Power Supply 10.,.30 VDC+%20 or 5 VDC+%5
Dimensions See drawing
Housing Material Aluminium
Connections Up to 100 m Cable length on request
Gap betwen tape and sensor Up to 12.5mm (Depend on pole pitch)
Travel Velocity 3 rn/s
Magnetic Tape Type B5 nitrile rubber temperature magenetic tape
Measure accuracy + 1 Increment
Rapeatability + 1 Increment
Operation temperature range -25 … +85
Protection Class IP67

Linear Magnetic scale & Sensors. used for all reader sensors like

  • High Resolution up to 0.005 IJm.
  • Tape inflate and rugged aluminum profile.
  • Stainless steel cover protect
  • Best Technology in small dimensions.
  • Shielded metal enclosure
  • Easy Mounting
  • Contact – less and vear free system.
  • High resistance to vibrations
  • Protection class Ip67.
  • Resistance to humidity
  • High accuracy
  • Reliability reading transducer
  • Measuring lengths of up to 100 mtr
  • Connection Cable upto 20 mtr.
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