The influences of utilizing Smartphone relationships programs on Sexual Risk Behaviours in university students in Hong-Kong

The influences of utilizing Smartphone relationships programs on Sexual Risk Behaviours in university students in Hong-Kong


Subjects and sampling

This is a cross-sectional study. Topics are hired from four institution campuses in Hong Kong by efficiency sample. Subjects had been excluded as long as they decided not to talk or comprehend English, Cantonese or Mandarin; had recently been hired on research; or are not university students.

A coded and unknown questionnaire got self-completed by subjects. Surveys had been in English and Chinese. Bilingual field workers happened to be give explain the aims, methods and character in the research; receive written consent; circulate and accumulate surveys; and respond to questions elevated by issues. Issues comprise aware they could skip any questions they did not like to address.

Learn tool

The questions regarding employing online dating apps, intimate behaviours and sexual orientation happened to be used from previous researches 5, 8, 12–17.

Using matchmaking applications.

Topics are questioned should they were utilizing any smart device matchmaking apps5. Users of internet dating applications had been questioned just how long they had been using all of them 5, 16. The functional concept of internet dating app had been that a smartphone’s program ended up being mostly for internet dating; it used GPS tech, in which consumers should locate other people nearby; hence people could send texts and trade photos 5, 12, including, Tinder, Skout, Grindr and Jack’d. Messenger software that have been largely produced for correspondence but have another work to take into consideration “new company nearby” are not regarded within present research.

Sexual behaviours.

Issues had been expected if they got ever had sexual activity 15. Those that had intercourse enjoy had been asked at what years that they had had their own basic intimate intercourse15; the sex of their intimate lovers 17; the sheer number of intimate couples prior to now 30 days, yesteryear a few months in addition to their entire life 8, 13, 15; the sheer number of sexual couples they’d had unprotected sexual activity with; the frequency regarding condom use9; and whether or not they had utilized a condom the very last time they’d have sexual intercourse 15.


All issues in addition completed a couple of sociodemographic questions regarding get older, gender, sexual positioning, partnership status, monthly money, beginner updates, smoking behaviors and consuming habits.

The analysis device is found in S1 Instrument.

Test size calculation

a previous learn found the end result dimensions (Cohen’s d) of difference between unprotected sexual activity between adults who had sexted (sent or gotten intimately specific pictures on mobile devices) and people who decided not to was 0.35 18. Using this as a reference point, it absolutely was calculated that a minimum sample measurements of 67 topics was needed seriously to identify a difference by independent t-test with a power of 95% and a two-tailed significance of 0.05.

Mathematical testing

Fisher’s precise make sure several logistic regression analyses are performed to identify elements involving creating sexual activity knowledge, having consistent condom utilize rather than having made use of a condom the last times you’ve got got sexual activity . Multiple linear regression analyses were carried out to spot elements connected with most intimate partners in one’s life, the past three months and the past 1 month, and having have unsafe sex with more lifetime intimate partners. Multicollinearity diagnostics happened to be sang regarding regression models. In each regression model, best topics with full information are included in the investigations. Imputation or any other substitution techniques are not put.

All mathematical analyses happened to be performed by SPSS 23 with p standards < 0.05 indicating mathematical importance.


All writers declare obtained no conflict of interest.

Ethics acceptance was actually obtained from the HKU/HA HKW institutional evaluation board, the Joint CUHK-NTEC Clinical analysis Ethics panel and City college of Hong Kong individual subject areas Ethics Sub-Committee.

The strategy are performed in accordance with the authorized information. Written aware permission got obtained from all individual players part of the research.

All methods carried out in scientific studies involving human being members were according to the moral specifications associated with institutional and/or national studies committee along with the 1964 Helsinki declaration and its own later amendments or equivalent ethical specifications.

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