About Us

Our company has been operating in South India since 2016, and we are finally giving our customers our products and their qualities today. Our suppliers who supply raw materials to our company also supply goods with excellent quality. According to our company’s motto, we satisfy our company’s customers and keep that promise. we maintain our client satisfaction. We are expanding the branches of our company for the convenience and satisfaction of the customers.

We are currently working on a scale measuring device for machines in the factory area under the name of DRO Shraddha. All types of our DRO work in the right way. The measurements obtained from it meet the right. Accuracy and quality We testify that we get it from the object.

Considering the trust you have in our company’s products. We are bringing to you the machinery that is required for the factory in a short period of time.

Why choose us

High Quality

Consultants ranked firms on a scale of one to 10, based on prestige, firm culture, work-life balance, compensation, and other factors.

Leading Edge Technology

We are a dynamic niche consulting firm that has been helping visionary financial services brands convey their true essence.

Best Service

We have had to start competing on quality of life in a way that they never had to before — leading to higher ratings from consultants.

Competitive Pricing

Engage with consumers and inspire the media — we ensure brands are seen and heard in all the right places.

Delivery From Stock

We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.

Well Maintenance

The ConsultingWP firm scored highest for vacation policy, hours in the office, and overall satisfaction.

Our mission

Shraddha Services mission is to be the best-in-the-class Potentiometric Transducers Manufacturer by developing and engineering products, capitalizing on its wealth of experience both technological and the markets it serves. By doing so, the company surpasses customer’s expectations for :

  • Leading-edge technology
  • Competitive pricing
  • Top-of-the-line products and service
  • Individual and company accountability

Our experience

Financial Services 87%
Business Services 75%
Consumer Products 63%
Energy and Environment 50%

Customer Review

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